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Science Fiction/Fantasy

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G.E.A.R.-- Gaming, Entertainment, and Roleplaying

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club
The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club

The Science Fiction/Fantasy Club of Baker was established to promote the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy through a variety of activities. Students are required to read works of fiction, and report on those works. Students are also encouraged to demonstrate their creativity through writing, storytelling, gaming, and creating works of art. The club meets once a week after school. All Baker students, parents, faculty, and staff are encouraged to be a part of the fun.

The SFFC was designed to be a social organization for fun and creativity.

As of the 2013-2014 school year, the club name was officially changed to G.E.A.R.--Gaming, Entertainment, and Roleplaying.

If you have questions regarding club membership or activities, please contact Mr. Stokley in room 79, or Mr. Williams in room 228.

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