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Parent Volunteers Needed

We have many varied volunteer opportunities to fit every schedule and ability level. Whether you can volunteer your time, knowledge, or physical labor we can find a place for you to get involved. If any of the opportunities below apply to you and you are willing to help, please contact Heather Weaver at 221-3000.

Outdoor Classroom/Hydronponic Garden

- Volunteers needed to help with the outdoor classroom. Building materials are needed as well as able bodied individuals with carpentry experience. 

Science Department

- help needed to set up labs, wash glassware, and copy materials.

- guest speakers trained in the field of Forensic Science are needed to speak to Forensic Science classes. For example, police officers, lawyers, judges, FBI agents, lab techs that work in crime labs etc.

Art Department

-materials needed: tile, paint, and other building mater

- parents willing to cut ceramic tile

- parents with carpentry and/or electrical skills 



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