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Azalea Trail Maids

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Azalea Trail Maids 2017-2018
Azalea Trail Maids 2017-2018

Baker High School Azalea Trail Maids



  • Minimum 3.3 unweighted grade point average through the sophomore year (GPAs do not round up.)
  • No suspensions during the sophomore or junior year. No B, C, D, or E offenses during the sophomore or junior year.


Tryout Requirements

  • Five minute interview with a panel of three judges
  • $15 nonrefundable application fee

  • Completed application (must be one page and must be typed)

  • Wallet sized photograph (will not be returned)

  • Completed field trip form


Judging Criteria

  • Appearance                                       10 points
  • Delivery/Presentation                   10 points

  • Local History/Attractions             10 points

  • Current Events                                10 points

  • Scholastic/Grades                           10 points



We are proud of our 2017-2018 Trail Maids

Taylor Boykin--Queen

Riley Hickman

Madison Plattenburg

Elizabeth Railey

Jane Roberts

Isabel Sammons

Kaycee Tate

Abigail Tucker

Claire Willingham


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