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Senior Sponsor Contact Information

You can message me via the Guidance Schoology page or via email at

Wed Sep 08 09:53 AM

Yearbooks Are Here

Yearbooks Are Here!!

Yearbooks are in!!! Seniors who attended Food & Folly Monday night have already received their yearbooks. Underclassmen received theirs today. Any students (including seniors) who have NOT received their yearbook should report to the concourse lobby tomorrow (Wednesday, May 11th) during their lunch wave to receive their yearbook. If possible, students should bring their student ID or any other photo identification.

Tue May 10 03:26 PM

Senior Class Officers

Class Officers
Senior Class Officers

President: Braeden Dye Vice President: Jason Gaston Secretary: Aniya Dunn; and Treasurer: Hunter Kilgore.

Mon May 23 03:14 PM

Senior Yearbook Information

Order Yearbook
Purchase Your 2022-2023 Yearbook

Yearbook orders are open! You may order in Room 212 with Mrs. Watts. Simply complete the attached order form and submit payment of $85.00 (cash, check payable to Baker High School, or money order). You may also purchase online using the link below. The deadline to order your 2021 Yearbook is Monday, January 31, 2022.

Mon May 23 03:38 PM

Senior Portraits
Class of 2023 Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Information

Mon May 23 03:34 PM

Senior Tributes
Class of 2023 Senior Tributes

Senior Tribute Ads are a great way to honor your senior. There are many templates to choose from, and you have three options for sizes: Full Page = $350.00, Half Page = $225.00, Quarter Page = $130.00 To order yours today, visit, enter code 571 for Baker High School and select "Buy A Yearbook Ad." This is an OPTIONAL purchase. The deadline to submit your Senior Tribute is Friday, January 27, 2023.

Mon May 23 03:30 PM

Cap and Gown
Cap & Gown Pictures

Cap & Gown pictures are OPTIONAL and are NOT included in the yearbook.

Mon May 23 03:30 PM

Senior Baby Pictures
Class of 2023 Senior Baby Pictures

Inclusion in the Senior Baby Picture Section is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! Only one baby picture per senior. Picture and name only – no message. Cost is $20.00. Cash or check made payable to Baker High School, You may email pictures to and then mail payment to Baker High School, Attention: Mrs. Watts. Hard copies of baby pictures will be scanned and returned to the student (or mailed back home). If this a surprise for your senior please indicate this when submitting picture and payment. Deadline is Friday, January 27, 2023.

Mon May 23 03:30 PM