Academy Overview

Baker Academies of Advanced Careers

The Academies of Baker High School are designed to provide programs that appeal to all of our students. Additionally, the academies provide training in student interest areas that will prepare them for post secondary life. Academies offer students the opportunity to engage with guest speakers, field visits, mock interviews, job shadows, and internships. The Signature Academy of Baker is Advanced Placement Capstone. Check out all of our Academies and the Pathways below.

How are Academies Implemented?

At the end of the student's Freshmen Year, he/she will select an academy.  Each student will be required to take three Academy courses throughout their sophomore, junior, and senior years to become a completer.  You can see the list of courses offered at Baker High School for each of the Academy Pathways. Throughout the academy courses, students will learn skills and gain hands-on opportunities that pertain to the specific academy career fields.  

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