Fine Arts & Media Entertainment Academy or FAME Academy

Fine Arts, Media, and Entertainment

The FAME Academy is designed to introduce students to careers and opportunities in the liberal and fine arts fields. These opportunities lie within the three following interest both Fine Arts (Performing and Visual) and Media Entertainment. Students are encouraged to choose a focus from one of the three areas of interest. The experiences students will gain from their classes and participation in the FAME Academy will be invaluable as they move on to college and careers after high school. Whether or not students choose to pursue the careers associated with the FAME Academy, they will find that their involvement will help them develop the types of skills employers are looking for today, such as communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, and adaptability. This academy will prepare students for the future through the cultural courses it offers.
Our mission is to prepare students as visual artists, performers, musicians, arts educators, and
communication specialists. Regardless of which area of interest the student chooses, the faculty
within the FAME Academy will guide students to discover what kind of thinker they are, how they are creative, how they can become better problem-solvers, and how to fuel their own innovative processes.

FAME Academy