Azalea Trail Maids

No suspensions during the sophomore or junior year. No B, C, D, or E offenses during the sophomore or junior year.

Minimum 3.3 unweighted grade point average through the sophomore year (GPAs do not round up.)

Tryout Requirements

$15 nonrefundable application fee

Completed application (must be one page and must be typed)

Wallet sized photograph (will not be returned)

Completed field trip form

Five minute interview with a panel of three judges

Judging Criteria

Delivery/Presentation                 10 points

Local History/Attractions             10 points

Current Events                           10 points

Scholastic/Grades                      10 points

Appearance                                10 points

We are proud of our 2020-2021 Azalea Trail Maids

Makensey Alford

Jadah Andrews

Madison Gall

Lindsey Gaston

Mary Carter Howard

Bethany Kilgore

Isabella Martin

Sierra Mclean

Sarah Sims

Hannah Walker

Emily Walker

We are proud of our 2019-2020 Azalea Trail Maids

Destiny Cheatwood--First Lady in Waiting

Sandrianna English

Amber Lee

Abbie Lincecum

Jade Madison

Malia Rowell

Madison Tyler--Second Lady in Waiting

Kayleigh Wells

We are proud of our 2018-2019 Azalea Trail Maids

Kaleigh Brannan

DeyJah Bridges--First Lady in Waiting

Olivia Firth

Mallory Jones

Sydney Roland

Bayley St. Clair

Trinity Walker

We are proud of our 2017-2018 Azalea Trail Maids

Taylor Boykin--Queen

Riley Hickman

Madison Plattenburg

Elizabeth Railey

Jane Roberts

Isabel Sammons

Kaycee Tate

Abigail Tucker

Claire Willingham

We are proud of our 2016-2017 Azalea Trail Maids

Taylor Annerino

Skyler Biedenharn

Chandler Connick

Savannah Hall

Kamryn Harvey

Karson Hollingsworth

Elizabeth Mason

Kiana Shula

We are proud of our 2015-2016 Azalea Trail Maids

Katelyn Baker

Jennifer Bosarge

Kyla Brooks

Alyssa Canova

Katie Lynn Copeland

Madison Ernest

Brittany Gaston

Joeli Hall

Lauren Roberts