What is Esports? 

The Baker Esports teams are AHSAA-sanctioned varsity athletic teams that compete against other Alabama high schools in the PC games League of Legends and Rocket League across two seasons. All official competition (with the exception of state finals) is done remotely. Teams play from their own computers labs on campus. During the regular season, teams vie for the best record, increasing their position in the standings and giving themselves a shot at playoffs. After the regular season, all playoff eligible teams participate in a bracket to narrow the field down to the top 2 teams. Each season culminates with an in-person finals event, declaring a state champion.

Fall Season: October - January

Spring Season: February - May 

Practice Information 

League of Legends practices are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-5pm.

Rocket League practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5pm. 

All practices are held in computer lab 71.  

Tryout Information 

Tryouts are held each season in order for us to field teams that give us the best shot at winning a state title. Team members from the Fall are not guaranteed to be on the team for the Spring season. Players chosen to represent Baker at the varsity level exhibit the following traits:

  • Game Knowledge
  • Mechanics
  • Map Awareness
  • Team Work
  • Communication
  • Attitude
  • Out of School Practice

Students that are not selected to be part of the varsity teams are still encouraged to attend practices in order to improve the above traits as well as to serve as in-house scrimmage partners for the varsity teams.

Varsity Team 

All varsity team members are required to pay a fee of $64 to participate in a season. Team members are required to be at school on competition day in order to compete. Participation in competition must be done remotely from the school computer lab; students are not allowed to compete from home. 

Club Information

Students that aren't selected for the varsity team or aren't interested in playing for the varsity team are still welcome to come participate with us at practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These students are considered part of the "club" side of Esports. Club participants are vital to the success of our varsity Esports team as they serve as in-house scrimmage partners and future varsity team members. 

Spring 2020 Rosters

League of Legends
Caleb Harwell
Timothy Tillman
Peyton Leonhardt
Kaiden Hetherington 
Anthony Bowler
Austin White
Collin Heavner
Malachi Deka 
Rocket League
Preston Mason
Jalen Bucknell
Johnathan Allen
Matthew Owens
Blake Middleton
Solomon McCovery
Baker Esports 2018-2019 Jersey