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January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day- The Joseph Project, a food pantry that serves 400-500 families each month, is located at the Dumas Wesley Community Center on Mobile Street.  Peanut butter is in great demand and they currently do not have any in stock.The Junior League of Mobile is organizing a drive to restock the food pantry. Please bring in a jar of peanut butter to help support this project. All peanut butter is due by January 31st.


Valentine’s Day Tissue Boxes – We will be decorating tissue boxes to give to the residents of Little Sisters of the Poor.  Please try to stay after school one of the three days offered to decorate: Tuesday, February 5th; Wednesday, February 6th; or Thursday, February 7th.  We will stay about an hour to decorate boxes. Be sure you have a ride home. All supplies & tissue boxes will be furnished. If you can’t stay, come by the library and get a tissue box (after Feb 5) to decorate at home. You will have to provide your own decorations if you work at home.  Be sure to return your box by February 8th for credit.  Boxes should be decorated with either a Valentine’s Day or spring theme. Be creative! Cover the box, use paper, paint, stickers, flowers, ribbon or something else creative and fun. If you are not creative, get some help from friends or family. Leave the opening of the tissue box open and the tissues in the box.


Mardi Gras Beads for Augusta Evans School - Donate your unwanted Mardi Gras beads to Augusta Evans School. They use them for a fundraiser to send kids to camp. Drop them off in the library by March 13th.  At least half of a Walmart-sized plastic bag must be turned in to receive a credit.


SPCA Reading to Cats – Calling all cat lovers! The local SPCA is looking for volunteers to read to cats and kittens. This activity helps the cats and kittens become comfortable around people and prepare them for adoption. You can go for an hour after school on Wednesdays. Sign up with Ms. LaCoste if you are interested.  The location is 620 Zeigler Circle West.  When you arrive, ask for Jody. Be sure to take a picture while you’re there for credit and bring your own books to read as well. 


Taylor-White Elementary School Spring Fling– On Saturday March 23rd from 9:45-1pm Taylor-White Elementary School needs volunteers for their annual Spring Fling. This school is located on Eliza Jordan Road.

*Dress: Jeans/Key Club Shirt/Tennis Shoes

*Contact Person: Kandace Cottrell