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Outdoor Track Schedule

Welcome to the 2024 Baker Track & Field Page!

There is A LOT of info here and new updates all the time. Check back often to stay up-to-date on things.


Indoor State Meet Recap (and OUTDOOR ANNOUNCEMENT!)

Congratulations to our indoor team for qualifying and representing our school in the 2024 Indoor Track and Field Championships in Birmingham! We had some ups and downs but overall, we came to compete and we did exactly that! A special congrats goes to Myla Reed, who ran the fastest time in the state this year in the 60m dash!

Way to go, Myla! We have big things planned for the outdoor season.

Speaking of outdoor, the 2024 Outdoor season begins Monday, February 5th. We will meet at the track at 3pm Mon-Thurs this week (NO PRACTICE FRIDAY, FEB. 9th).

See Coach Oliver or any other track coach for more information. 


Baker Team Leader Board (Updated 2/5/24) is also in Forms below

Join the BakerTrack Team REMIND!

Click this REMIND LINK or text @bakertf24 to 81010 

* ON SCHOOL DAYS, regular practice times are 2:50pm - 4:30pm Monday - Friday  *

 DragonFlyMake sure you have completed the eligibility steps. It should say you are 100% complete.

See Coach Oliver if you have any trouble with DragonFly. 


The OUTDOOR TEAM FEE is $60 and is for all athletes training with the team during the outdoor season (Feb. 5 - May 5). Due Feb 9th.


The UNIFORM FEE is $60 and is for all athletes who will compete in track meets this year. The last set of uniforms will be ordered on Friday, Feb. 9th (only for those who have paid) and the uniform is yours to keep forever. Due Feb 9th.

Team Philosophy

It is our goal each year to provide a memorable and rewarding team experience for all athletes. All athletes are required to commit and sacrifice for the greater good of the TEAM. All athletes will have the opportunity to train and compete in this sport by attending practice and working hard. Attendance and participation at practice are a MUST. Athletes must have pride in what they are doing each day for the team. This is a competitive team, not a form of recreation. All athletes are expected to give varsity-level effort every day.



            All current information regarding the track and field team will be shared via the team’s REMIND group and is posted on the team page at the school’s website, All weekly announcements, documents, schedules, and forms are also posted on the Track & Field page. Athletes and parents are responsible for keeping up with the weekly announcements either directly from the coaches, from the Remind group, or from the team webpage.


Honesty & Respect


These are considered the most important values on this team. Track athletes who fail to display either of these core values may be immediately dismissed from the team. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting themselves, their coaches, their parents and their school. It is expected that all athletes will act according to the standards of Baker High School student-athletes. Remember that track and field is a TEAM sport at Baker. It is not always the fastest or best that will compete, but the most committed EVERY DAY.


Coaches’ Expectations


1. Dedication and commitment to your sport (100% effort)

2. Be on time with your watch (distance only), shoes, and appropriate running clothes!

3. Be mentally and physically ready for the dayΚΌs training session.

4. Have a positive attitude with a constant desire to improve.

5. Support and contribute to your team, respecting yourself, teammates and coaches.

6. Put away your excuses. Don’t bring them to any practice or meet.


Team Practices


1.  After school practices are from 2:50pm to 4:30pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

2. Anyone missing a practice should inform a coach ahead of time.

3. Injured athletes are still expected to come to practices, attend role call and will be given alternative workout activities or sent home with workout suggestions.


Athletes are responsible for being prepared for wet and/or cold weather. Practicing in the rain does NOT get you sick.

5. SPRING BREAK offers us a unique opportunity for improvement at a vital point in our season.

Spring Break practices are mandatory for athletes preparing to compete in Sectionals and State.



 Outdoor Track Meets


1. Arrive at the meet in your uniform and warmups or a Baker T-shirt. We should look like a team.

Stay in your team uniform, T-shirt and/or warmups until you leave the meet.

2. When the team has decided upon a tent spot, the entire team will warm up together.

Please pay attention to facility layout and discuss questions with the team and/or coaches.

3. Relax before your race. Don’t wear yourself out by playing around. If you want to cheer for your team before you run, that is fine.

Afterward, return to the shade to sit and relax.

4. Warm-up with your team mates. As a rule of thumb, start your warm up about 30-40 min before your race is scheduled to begin.

Remember to give yourself time to use the restroom and get your spikes on between your warmup, stretching, drills and the race.

5. Cheer for your teammates, especially when you are finished with your race(s).

6. When your race is over, you are expected to do a 10 minute warm down with team

members who have also just completed their race.

7. Bring plenty of food and water to see you through the entire meet. Try to avoid eating unhealthy food choices while at the meet.

This could negatively affect your performance. 



Baker's 2024 Indoor Meet Results:

Saturday, January 6th - Ice Breaker Invite #1 - RESULTS  /  #2 - RESULTS

Saturday, January 27th - Last Chance Invite (Meet 2 RESULTS / Meet 3 RESULTS )

Saturday, February 3rd - AHSAA INDOOR STATE MEET (RESULTS)