2022 Tryout Information

2022 Volleyball Teams
Thank you to all the interest in trying out for Baker Volleyball. We had tough decisions to make. We base our decisions not only on what they can bring this year, but also for years to come. Those that did not make a team, please do not be discouraged. You are always welcome to try out next year. Just a reminder, this is not personal and we are making changes to fit the vision we have for the future of Baker Volleyball. Those that are on the following list- please check your emails by Sunday, May 8th, for information regarding program details. Congratulations to the following student-athletes: 


Tia Byers - 12th 

Madison Lassiter - 12th 

Maddie Mire - 12th

Makenzie Brooks- 11th

Madison Burckhartt- 11th

Mackenzie McDowell- 11th

Dayla Ward - 11th

Nastasia Zec - 11th 

Jordyn Milhouse- 10th

Malia Mott- 10th

Rachel Guilotte - 9th

Cami Huff- 9th


Taylor Bell - 10th

Elizabeth Cruz - 10th

Mary Elizabeth Kent - 10th 

Kylie McDonald - 10th

Annie Pritchett- 10th

Sadie Rae Rouse- 10th

Whitney Ryals -10th

Kori Simmons - 10th

Christen Williams - 10th 

Madyson Williams- 10th

Mitzi  Howard - 9th

London Wells - 9th


Addison Everett - 9th

Autumn Harper- 99th

Nola Havard- 9th

Jeslyn Kellum - 9th

Meredith Smith - 9th

Adyson Sudduth - 9th

Rachael Wood - 9th

Ashlynn Allen - 9th